Basic Zoom Tips

To join the Zoom meeting by video (pro tip: practice ahead of time with a friend):

  • Click on the link in the email you’re sent. You can do it on your smartphone, your internet-enabled tablet, or your computer.

  • You do not have to download the app

  • It will ask if you want to join by computer audio – say yes.

  • If the audio doesn’t work well on your connection, you can call in separately

You don't need to use video to participate, although we'd love to be able to see you if possible!

To join by audio only, call the phone number given you and supply the meeting number and password when asked.


  • If you practice ahead of time, play with the lighting to make sure your face is not in a shadow. Make sure your camera and audio work.

  • It’s useful to be seated during the virtual reception. If you’re not, and you carry your phone/tablet around, the camera may pic, up something you don’t want others to see!

  • When you get on (by video), you’ll have “buttons” turn click on/off your audio and video. It depends what type of device you’re using as to where those are.

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