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What a Whirlwind

UPDATE: These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotion, information, and disruption of our daily and potential, future lives. Today, I finally was able to sit and take in what was going on in the world and I saw an iconic performer who I loved, passed away, last week. Bill Withers, who sang many memorable hits, like “Lean on Me”. In recent weeks I’ve seen Postmasters, Managers, Supervisors, Craft Employees, and Contractors working on protecting our customers, co-workers, and their families by using ingenuity, and creativity. I am inspired every day from the stories I am seeing and hearing.

Meetings: We are meeting with SEA District and PDX regularly getting updates on cases related to Covid 19, administrative processes (that change hourly not daily), and supply chain options for important PPE to attempt to keep up with the evolving processes, and reporting requirements (that also change frequently). All of this happens when we still have our regular slate of required reports, audits, surveys, contractual requirements, staffing challenges (exacerbated by the above changes), and regular mail processing issues in an environment at most retail units that looks more like Christmas window traffic. If anyone is having supply issues that cannot be resolved through your MPOO or District process, please let me know. In those cases, both PDX, and SEA District have been very responsive.

Tri State: We are still moving forward with planning for Tri-State in Hood River, OR, June 4-7, 2020. We are in close contact with the hotel, and Oregon DOH and our CDC guidelines as they stand currently. The Executive Boards of ID/OR/WA will be meeting regularly to be updated on the current status, and we will pass this on. If you have registered, and secured your room, there will be the opportunity for full refund should the circumstances change. We have made many significant changes to our work and home lives recently, but we still plan for a future, when we can come together safely and with a renewed appreciation for being together and sharing our work and home selves with each other.

Be safe, be well, be strong, in mind, body, and soul, the best way you can. Help your neighbors, family, and friends. Try to stay positive. I’ll leave you with another Bill Withers song, “Lovely Day”, I listen to it every morning. We can lean on each other, when we are not strong, and we ALL need somebody to lean on. Stay United and we WILL get through this! Tomorrow will be a, “Lovely Day” …

Respectfully, (from my basement)

Gordon Williams

President UPMA – WA Chapter

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