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Get Up, Stand UP(MA)

My recent posts on the FB page have passed on sad and tragic news about our UPMA, EAS, and Postal family. It is important that when one of our members, former PM’s, and craft employees’ families suffer a tragedy or accident, we come together to support each other. Always, but especially during these challenging times.

“The Wailers” led by Bob Marley, sang about standing up for your rights. This week I announced to the SEA & PDX District our members who made the choice to serve fellow members on the WA Chapter Member Rep Committee. In my 30 + year career, I have served as a craft union President, and Steward, and EAS Rep at the local and National level. There are significant differences between the craft process under Article 16 in every craft case, and ELM 650 which covers EAS Discipline procedures.

With an understanding of both processes, I wanted to present a committee of nationally trained EAS people who were willing to step up to represent their fellow UPMA members when facing disciplinary actions. There are differences but EAS with the increasing responsibilities, and diminished authority and the challenges our craft employees are dealing with through their collective bargaining rights.

Our Chapter Rep Committee includes folks from different backgrounds and experiences, and they are working USPS employees who understand what we are going through at their respective positions. As Committee Chair Brian Ireland – PM Union WA, will oversee and delegate UMPA members needs for representation portion of what we provide. He and his committee have been to national training and has a network of National Adverse Action support to help with what is becoming an increasing trend at least in the SEA District of discipline first, ask questions later. The other committee members are: Wendy Fleming, PM of Castle Rock, WA, Kristen Luther, PM of Mabton, WA, and Hugo Vo, MDO NDC Federal Way. These fellow EAS have stood up to serve our fellow members in need of representation under the ELM 650, and I acknowledge them for taking up this challenge.

Ultimately my goal is/was to encourage a collaborative relationship with SEA District where we could prevent or deal with issues in a more cost effective and productive way. But if they want to go down this road, our MEMBERS need to know we will be there for them.

I would much prefer to have a collaborative relationship with SEA District, but they seem bent on taking a different course. I hold out hope that this will change, and they will engage with UPMA in a positive and productive way for the District and USPS.

We need to get up and stand up together and let those who work in cubicles with a narrow focus on programs and processes understand what we deal with in the dynamic of customer service for USPS. We need to put the days of “blame management” and “reliance on compliance” behind us and focus on our core principles, vision, mission, and goals. Our delivery partners at Fed Ex, UPS and Amazon should not dictate the type and quality of service we provide.

Operations Programs SUPPORT should not dictate to us who are the public face of USPS how we do our job without our input. Ops has some highly intelligent and well-meaning people, but you need a larger skill set to succeed in customer service offices both large and small. Only when we work together and listen to each other will be able to address the challenges we all face together.

We need to all get up, stand up, and do not give up the fight. I hope to help our District Leadership understand what we do, and if I fail, maybe someone can come behind me and be successful in re-establishing the place of Executive Administrative Schedule (EAS) professional employees with the responsibility, and authority that those positions deserve.

Take care, be humble, be kind, with integrity, and stand up for your rights.

If you want to understand how our UPMA AALDP works please see this link:

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