• President Gordon

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

USPS is rolling out it's guidance for the FFCRA (Families First Coronavirus Response Act).  USPS SEA/PDX and Western Area Covid 19 LOC sites have all of the materials for reference.  I have forwarded the guideline materials to our Executive Board.  Postmasters, Supervisors and Managers should refer to District TACS and HR for guidance. 

Our Editor Extraordinaire, Michelle Lee, has set up a "blog" on our WA Chapter Website to help get our messaging out to our members, and I will try to post information there as well for our members who are not on Facebook. 

The "blog" is new to me, but I will try to convey information that is useful and helpful to our members as we work together through this difficult time. Information is coming very fast.  Please know we are working with other Mgt Associations, Unions, and USPS as well as community efforts to share the best information we have and I have complete faith in the strength of our USPS family that will continue to serve our communities through this time.

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