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Articles and Bylaws

Washington State Chapter of the United Postmasters and Managers of America


The purpose for which this chapter is organized is as part of the national organization United Postmasters and Managers of America (UPMA), which shall provide a vehicle through which members may assist one another in matters connected with their employment in the United States Postal Service: foster a favorable image of public service; assure the users of the mails the best service possible; improve the conditions under which individuals work—having concern for salaries, hours of employment, working environment, and related issues; and cooperate with other groups and levels of postal management in the achievement of common goals.

Article I – Name

This organization shall be known as the Washington State Chapter of the United Postmasters and Managers of America.

Article II – Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to affiliate with and become a part of the national UPMA organization.

Article III – Membership

Any person, as designated by the national UPMA organization, shall be considered a member of this chapter.

Article IV – Meetings

Section 1.

The chapter will hold two (2) state meetings per year: One will be called the annual conference, and one will be called the State Convention.

Section 2.

The annual state convention of the chapter shall be held at the time and in the city as set six months or more prior to that convention, provided that the president may, with the approval of the majority of the executive board and for good and sufficient reason, change the time and or place previously fixed. All state conventions must be completed prior to the start of the national convention.

Section 3.

Special meetings may be called by the president, called on request—in writing—by a majority of the executive board, or may be called on request—in writing—by ten (10) percent of the paid membership of this chapter.

Section 4. 

In any state meeting of this chapter, all members who are present and registered for the state meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Section 5.

Robert Rules of Order shall govern the deliberations of this chapter.

Article V – Officers

Section 1.

The officers of this chapter shall be president, executive vice president, secretary, treasurer, the president of the retirees, editor, three additional vice presidents, and the immediate past president who shall serve for a term of one year beginning on November 1 of the year a newly elected president assumes office. They, and any duly elected three-digit president from any one of the three-digit areas (as designated in Article II, Section 4 of the bylaws), will constitute the executive board and the governing body of the chapter.

Section 2.

In odd-numbered years, the president, executive vice president, editor, and the adverse action vice president shall be elected at the annual state convention to serve two-year terms, with all subsequent terms also lasting a duration of two years. In even-numbered years, the secretary, treasurer, and the membership and legislative/PAC vice presidents will be elected at the annual state convention to serve two-year terms. Subsequent terms will be two years.  Terms of office shall commence on January 1 and will end December 31. Officers may serve an unlimited consecutive number of terms of office.

Section 3.

In addition to the nominations submitted by the nominating committee, nominations may be made from the floor. If seconded and approved, the nomination shall be included with those made by the committee. If there shall be more than two (2) nominations for any office, balloting shall continue until one candidate receives a majority of the votes cast. With the exception of the positions of president and executive vice president, which shall be limited to active EAS members, retired EAS members shall be permitted to hold office provided that no active EAS member seeks the office.

Section 4.

A president or executive vice president who during their term shall resign, retire, or be removed for any cause whatsoever from their active USPS position that qualified them for their executive position active membership, shall become ineligible to hold office and their office shall be declared vacant. 

Section 5.

If a vacancy occurs, and there is no succeeding officer, the vacancy shall be filled, on an interim basis, by appointment by the chapter president with the approval of the executive board. An election for a position so filled will be held at the next state meeting, and the newly elected officer will assume duties immediately following that meeting.

Article VI – Recall

To recall an officer of the Washington chapter of UPMA, the following procedure must be followed: A letter of charges stating the specific irregularities of office must be presented to the executive board. The letter must be signed by no fewer than ten (10) Washington chapter members. The executive board shall render a decision within thirty (30) days of receipt of the charges.


Article I – Officers

Section 1.

The president shall preside at all meetings of the chapter and shall call special meetings when requested to do so as provided in Article IV. They shall also preside at the meetings of the executive board and appoint all committees for the proper handling of the business of this chapter and in general perform such duties as may pertain to the office. The president shall designate other ancillary duties, as needed, amongst the executive board for the proper functioning of the chapter. The president shall receive such reimbursement for their expenses as the executive board may provide.

Section 2.

The executive vice president shall serve in the absence or disability of the president and work with the president as needed. Should the office of the president be vacated, the executive vice president will serve the remainder of the term. The remaining term of a vacant position of the executive vice president shall be filled by the executive board.

In addition, the executive vice president shall serve as the education chair for the chapter. It shall be their duty to work with the president in aligning training that is deemed necessary and appropriate for the membership. The executive vice president shall receive such reimbursement for their expenses as the executive board may provide.

Section 3.

The vice presidents will be responsible for the following duties:

One vice president will serve as the legislative and PAC chair. It will be their duty to handle legislative and PAC activity within the chapter.

One vice president will serve as the chapter member representative committee chair. It will be their duty to advocate for active members facing discipline and to refer any cases involving adverse action to the UPMA National Adverse Action Committee.

One vice president will serve as the membership chair. It shall be their duty to promote membership for the organization and to ensure the chapter always has a strong membership.

The vice presidents shall receive such reimbursement for their expenses as the executive board may provide.

Section 4.

The secretary shall notify the executive board members at least ten (10) days prior to the date specified for such meetings; notification will be by postal or electronic mail.

The secretary shall record the proceedings of all state meetings and meetings of the executive board and keep all records of those meetings. Minutes are to be submitted to the executive board within ten (10) days of the meeting for the purpose of seeking corrections.

The secretary shall receive such reimbursement for their expenses as the executive board may provide.

Section 5.

The treasurer shall deposit, withdraw, and have custody of the chapter funds, and shall be responsible to keep an accurate and complete account of the receipts, vouchers, and membership. The treasurer shall maintain all records pertaining to finances and shall report the finances at all general business and executive board meetings. Financial records shall be available for audit at each state and executive board meeting. 

The treasurer shall be reimbursed for their expenses as the executive board may provide.     

Section 6.

It shall be the editor’s duty to publish the official newspaper of the Washington State Chapter of UPMA and to maintain the chapter website. The editor shall receive such reimbursement for their expenses as the executive board may provide.

Article II – Executive Board

Section 1.

It shall be the duty of the executive board to carry out the orders of the chapter as expressed in the state meetings; it shall have direct control of all business of the chapter and its affairs; it shall be the power of the executive board to authorize necessary expenditures, to audit all accounts, and to approve the expenses of the officers; and in general, it shall perform all the functions ordinarily attached to such a board.

Section 2.

The executive board shall have the power to remove any of its members for good and sufficient reason by a two-thirds vote of the board when it is in session.

Section 3.

There shall be four (4) executive board meetings per fiscal year.

Section 4.

Should a 3-digit area organize themselves, to be recognized by Washington chapter UPMA as a Washington UPMA 3-digit district, they must elect a president, hold three meetings a year, and submit minutes from those meetings to the state secretary. Three-digit meeting expenses may be supplemented by the chapter executive board via approval by the board.

Article III – Committees

Section 1.

The following committees, as appointed by the president, shall be known as standing committees:



Articles and bylaws




Section 2.

The president shall appoint any additional committees deemed necessary to carry out the object and purpose of this association.

Article IV – Sergeant at Arms

For each state meeting the president shall appoint a master sergeant at arms and, as necessary, an assistant sergeant at arms, whose duty will be to maintain order at the state meetings and perform such other duties as designated by the president.

Article V– Representation

Each active member registered and present at a state meeting shall have one vote on each question and election.

Each retiree member registered and present at a state meeting shall be entitled to vote only on questions affecting their eligibility for membership or the dues structure of their membership category; they will be entitled to one vote on each of these questions.

There will be no proxy voting.

Article VI – National Convention Roll Call Voting Procedure

The vote for national officers shall be taken by paper ballot at the state convention in the year that the election will take place at the national convention. The results of that paper ballot shall govern the procedure, by percentage, for how the chapter’s votes will be cast at the national convention by the chapter president. The results of the votes shall be recorded by the chapter secretary.


Article VII – Bonds

The treasurer shall be required to be bonded in the amount deemed sufficient by the executive board, with said bond to be executed by a surety company approved by the executive board and the premium on such bond shall be paid by the chapter.

Article VIII – Dues

The annual dues of the members of this chapter shall be the same as provided in the governing documents of the national organization.

Article IX – Official Publication

The official publication of this chapter is to be published four (4) times per year. The publication will be distributed to the membership and others as deemed necessary. The official publication will be named Cascade Connection. In addition, the chapter will also maintain a website for the dissemination of information. The executive board, as the governing body of the chapter, shall have editorial control over the official publication and website.

Article X – Amendments

All proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the chapter president at least thirty (30) days prior to the opening of the state convention or or other state meeting. The proposed amendment(s) shall be published in the state newspaper or sent to all members by other hard-copy means at least thirty (30) days prior to the state meeting in which they are to be voted upon. These bylaws may be amended at either state meeting of the chapter by a two-thirds vote of the members eligible and present. Any proposed amendments shall be read at one session of the state meeting and voted on at a subsequent session; these amendment(s) shall become effective immediately upon the adjournment of the state meeting unless otherwise specified in the amendment.


Adopted May 6, 2017 - Winthrop WA

Revised April 27, 2019 - Chelan WA

Revised April 24, 2021 – Olympia WA

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